Getting ready with the boys!

Getting ready with Josh, his dad (who flew over from New Zealand to be there), His new brother in law and his best friend, was loads of fun. Ashley and I arrived about 10 minutes early at the hotel they had chosen to get ready at. The footy was on, there was a few beers waiting to be cracked open and enjoy the celebrations of the day and while Josh was a little nervous he was totally ready to begin the day. We got the groomsmen to start getting dressed while we got some beautiful images of Josh's details (his shoes, bow tie, cologne, watch, ect). After that, Josh's dad to help put on the bow tie and had the boys around him to help put on the jacket.
We got a few group photos, some formal, some more relaxed while the groomsmen had a bit of a wrestle. We captured photos with Josh and each groomsman there so he had a lasting photo with each person to remember those special moments and wrapped up with a some photos with josh in front of the window letting the coming day sink in and then shared a beer with his family.


Jordan and the bridesmaids!

After spending some time with the boys we walked down the hallway of the same hotel and went in to see Jordan, the bridesmaids and her family. The rooms had big, tall windows that we knew right away we had to use. We then captured some photos with the girls in the robes together and then some detail photos of the dresses hanging up. we also got mum and dad included for a few photos and while the girls changed we had time to get some detail shots of the jewellery, rings, flowers (from Peony and Weasel) and such. After that Jordan walked out of the main room and jaws dropped! Jordan looked absolutely stunning in her dream dress which she designed herself and had made by D'italia. 
The girls all got around her and helped with the final touches, including putting in her beautiful long veil. We celebrated, champagne was flowing and we captured some amazing shots of it all happening. The group shots and photos with each of the bridesmaids was next and then some beautiful portraits of Jordan before we left for the ceremony.


The Ceremony!

The Ceremony was at "The Pier" in Geelong. At the end of a long pier they have a beautiful reception and wedding area that has amazing views. Josh and his groomsmen were waiting at the top of the aisle and the guests were anxious to see Jordan. Soon after we arrived the music started and the bridesmaids started to walk down but when Jordan finally arrived Josh couldn't help but bite his lip he was so excited to see the woman he was about to marry! 
Jordan walked down the aisle in her dads hands and finally met with her future husband. After a reading from a family member the ceremony was underway and it soon came time to exchange the rings. Jordan had a laugh while josh struggled to put the ring on, they sealed it with a kiss and signed the paperwork before walking out the front for the first time as Mr & Mrs.


Group photo, Family photos and a fun filled photoshoot!

For the group photo we had everyone gather on the steps for a fun photo, and while we had to wait on one person running behind it didn't take long until we got underway. With the group shot done we started on the family photos. Ashley had a list of the photos needed and called out the names for each person in the photo while I set everyone up and got the shots by the edge of the pier with the ocean as the backdrop. After that we had everyone head back inside while we kept the bridal party for some group shots in front of the Pier sign and up the boardwalk. we sent the bridal party away and the focused on the Bride and Groom. This was the time we could let them tell each other about their mornings, soak up the fact that they were married now and really capture the love they have for each other.


Reception time!

At the reception before Jordan and Josh were announced we had a chance to get some photos of the lollie bar, flowers and of course, the cake from Lomana. Jordans dad announced the bridal party as they entred. After that we went around to all the guests and got photos for Jordan and josh to look back on of all the people who came to celebrate in their big day. After that it was time to cut the cake and before the speeches kicked off Jordan and josh wanted some sunset photos and under the pier. The speeches drew some happy tears and then it was time for the first dance. Jordan and Josh kept it simple but elegant with a gentle sway and the occasional twirl. The did beautifully and soon the bridal party joined followed by the family and friends attending. Through out the night there was more formalities, The bouquet was tossed and the partner of Jordan's Brother Tom caught the flowers and tom was very shocked to say the least. The Garter was thrown  and Josh's good friend caught it after tom let it go by. At the end of the night after the final song (horses by Daryle Braithwaite) Jordan and Josh had all the guests line up with sparklers to send the happy couple off.

It was an amazing day and we are so glad we got to spend it with Jordan and Josh. We wish them a long and happy life together and are excited to see what the future brings them.